About Supra Steel Roofing

Metal and Steel Roofing Company in Mississauga, ON

Here at Supra Steel Roofing we believe in 3 basic elements:

  • Extraordinary Products
  • Superb Installation
  • Client Satisfaction

Extraordinary Products
We use only the best steel and metal roofing products available, specifically chosen for the Toronto and GTA weather patterns. Supra Steel Roofing assures zinc coverage, and paint thickness is ideal for our local conditions. We live here, too. See our manufacturing page for more information.

Superb Installation
The installation teams at Supra Steel Roofing are trained, experienced and well supervised. We use tailored installation systems that provide durable, resilient roofs that look so good that your friends and neighbours will notice!

Client Satisfaction
We have done this before. We know that chances are you have never purchased a metal roof before (and now will never need to again!). Supra Steel Roofing works to ensure every homeowner is not just satisfied, but thrilled with their new metal roof. Nobody is ever “thrilled” with an asphalt roof.

Free Estimates
We provide free, no obligation estimates for every project. We offer price matching with any competitor, but we find that really doesn’t come up. The 50-year guarantee gives you the peace of mind you need to know your metal roof will be done right.

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Professional Services
The team at Supra Steel Roofing are licensed and insured roofing experts. We offer professional metal roofing services in Toronto and the GTA.