Metal and Steel Roofing Installation

A metal roof saves money, energy and gives you peace of mind in bad weather. Metal Roofing is The Most Popular Choice in Toronto and the GTA
Never reroof again!

No matter what kind of roof you have now, a metal roof will be better looking, customizable, and superbly low-maintenance. The installation teams at Supra Steel Roofing provide safe, expert installation services to be sure you are thrilled with your new metal roof.

Supra Steel Roofing – Unique Installation System for Metal and Steel Roofs

Supra Steel Roofing uses a unique installation technique for your new steel or metal roof. Here is an outline of the steps we take to ensure your roof lasts a lifetime. When you see what we do, you will understand why so many homeowners trust us to make their home more comfortable and beautiful.

  • First, we install double strapping, nailed directly into the rafters of the roof. This reinforces the structure of the existing roof, before installing the metal tiles.
  • That is the core of why we do not add much weight to the roof. The weight of your roof is not distributed on the plywood like it is in the case of installing asphalt shingles. Even some metal roofing companies install the metal panels directly on the plywood. The plywood often sags and the screws will get loose over time. Double strapping is the key to a proper installation.
  • This double strapping also provides continuous ventilation under the panels so that there is no condensation. Condensation leads to earlier rust.
  • Another advantage of the double strapping is that it helps with the heat reflective property of the metal roof so you pay even less for your energy bills.
  • Supra Steel Roofing installs a ridge-vent for each metal roof. This ventilation opening along the horizontal top ridge keeps the attic space consistently and uniformly well ventilated. Small, regular plastic vents that are used for shingle roofs can lead to humidity or condensation in the attic insulation.
  • This ridge-vent eliminates both humidity and condensation from the attic space, creating a more uniform temperature, year ‘round. Wet insulation from inadequate ventilation is like wearing a wet t-shirt. It makes everything colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Dry insulation in the attic is critical to a comfortable home. That’s why we use a ridge-vent technique.

This combination of unique installation approaches means that with Supra Steel Roofing your home is in good hands.

Metal Roof Benefits

Extended Lifespan:
A metal roof lasts much longer than any asphalt roof. Metal roofs easily last for 50 to even 70 years, but an asphalt roof only last 12 to 20 years. Do you want to be reroofing again in a dozen years or so?

A metal roof stands up against winds and are highly impact resistant. They will not crack or corrode in our harsh Toronto weather. You are also free from the constant maintenance of other roofing materials. Be sure to inspect your metal roof occasionally, but certainly less frequently than less durable types of roofs.

A metal roofing material will not ignite or spark during a wildfire or lightning strike. This is part of why some insurance companies will even reduce your household insurance when you install a metal roof.

Energy Efficiency:
A metal roof reflects away more sunlight than other roofing materials, so radiation is deflected, not absorbed. A metal roof reduces peak heating and cooling demands by 10 to 15% according to Energy Star. This translates into a drastic reduction on power bills. Install your roof just once, but keep the energy cost savings for the next 50 or more years!

You can save our planet and save your money with a metal roof. Metal roofing materials are manufactured using 25 to 95% of recycled content. And, after 50 or more years of service, your metal roof is 100% recyclable. Asphalt shingles make up 1 billion pounds of garbage in our current waste disposal system. Homeowners who care about the environment choose a metal roof as the environmentally-conscious choice.

Steel Roofing Installations

Steel roofs are available in a variety of colours and designs. These options are a terrific choice for energy-efficiency and durability.

Premium Steel Roof Materials:

Supra Steel Roofing is a proud installer of premium steel and metal roofing manufacturers such as:

  • ArcelorMittal
  • Voestalpine

We use the highest quality materials and the best installation methods to assure your metal roof is perfect.

Steel Roofing – Never Buy Another Roof
Steel roofing is both cost effective in the long term, and absolutely gorgeous! Save money every month, all year, on heating and cooling with a new steel roof. Your new steel roof will last a lifetime and always look fabulous!

You can count on a Supra Steel Roofing to have:

  • colour stability
  • durability in severe weather conditions
  • mechanical stability
  • resistance to corrosion

Plus, your steel roof comes with the Supra Steel Roofing 50-year guarantee for your peace of mind.