About Steel and Metal Roof Manufacturing

There are 2 ways a steel roofing contractor in Toronto acquires roofing panels to install a new roof for you.

  • They import the ready-made panels from overseas, exposing the panels to salty air as they cross the ocean. This can impact rust rates, making rust appear sooner than expected, especially with GTA weather conditions.
  • We install only locally manufactured panels, that use high quality Canadian and German metal. Advanced testing tools guarantee consistent high quality for longer life and a roof that continues to look new.

Supra Steel Roofing makes sure the zinc and paint thickness tests avoid any faulty panels. It is the Zinc that fights rust so it is vital that the levels are optimal. Ideally zinc levels should be 275 g/ sq meter. It is impossible for you to tell just by looking at a sheet of metal roofing material how high the quality is. Different levels of quality will appear identical when they are brand new. Only metal roofing products manufactured with sufficient zinc and a good quality paint thickness (20-30 microns) stay looking new. That’s why we make sure panels are tested for quality.